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Nice to meet you, we are Thomas and Maryem, a couple of passionate photographer and videographer based in France.

We specialize ourselves in wedding photography and videography. We devote our free time to enriching our image culture and invest in professional equipment. One of our priorities is exchange and transparency with you.

We love traveling worldwide to cover your wedding elopments. Feel free to ask us for a destination even if we haven’t already done it !

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Our wedding photography and videography approach

Photography vision

Our approach to wedding photography is a mix between photos on the spot and more posed photos in order to obtain an artistic rendering but still natural.

We tell about your day through photographs taken on the spot, bright and with a harmony of natural colors.

We are constantly looking for details and elegance present in your wedding in order to integrate them into the composition of your images.

One of our most important wishes is our understanding with our newlyweds, we love to live your wedding as your guests, it is in these moments that we excel in our practice!

Videography vision

In wedding video, we want at all costs to integrate a dynamic and a narration into our productions in order to captivate the viewer.

We will take the time to exchange with you, in order to know you, and to know the history of your couple. From there, we will make sure that our images tell part of your relationship history, so that our video traces not only the happiest day of your life but also those who made it happen.

More than a video of your wedding, it is therefore a video of your story that we do. A personal, sensitive video that will talk about you and your love!


We love discovering new countries and cities !

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