When you ask us for photos, a video, it’s also a human encounter that you are about to experience!

Because the feeling is super important for the most beautiful day of your life but for all the other days too, here is some information about us so that you get to know us!


couple Maryem Thomas


It was in 2016 that our common adventure began, hold on tight, on a dating app! From the first meeting, it was obvious: we were made for each other. We wanted to see each other every day, despite the two-hour commute between us. We never left each other!

At the time, we weren’t yet talking about photography or video: Thomas was passionate about video games and street art, and I was passionate about dance and education. Our first common passion was board games: since then we lack furniture to store them all!

It was the travels that brought us closer to this second common passion: first Spain, since I didn’t want to lend my reflex to Thomas, he offered himself one! Then Japan, and there the serious things began: we realized that thanks to photography, we had been able to immortalize such precious moments! And without our cameras, we could never have remembered Tokyo, Nikko, Kyoto, Nara so well…

So we trained, first just in photography, then in photography and video duo. And as I have a big romantic side, I insisted that we specialize in weddings!

And here we are!

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Maryem, photographer

The romantic one

Sorting through your photos, I am always filled with emotion.

Your smiles, your eyes filled with love, the moments of laughter and sharing with your loved ones, all this fills me with indescribable joy!

Thomas gently teases me because I always have a smile on my face while touching up your pictures.

It is a huge privilege for me to be able to create memories that will be cherished forever.

Immortalizing your happiness makes me so happy!

Thomas, videographer

The creative one

A wedding video is quite a challenge, and I love challenges !

When I’m in a creative phase, I’m able to put myself on the editing of a video without any break, for hours.

Each video is a different creative challenge: each couple has a different story, such unique desires and dreams!

I increase my creativity each time to create a dynamic video with a piece of your story, which catch the eye like the trailer of a good movie.

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Our services are based on three main values:


We are committed to creating an environment of trust so that you feel comfortable and fully experience your marriage.


As we are both image professionals, we help each other to provide you with better quality photos and videos.


We offer you an easy and fast contact service, with delivery of your photos/videos in a few weeks.

Our major achievements

Our greatest pride is the number of lovely reviews we have received from our former bride and groom and clients on our Google Mybusiness page!

But our work has also been recognized by many international blogs:

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