Two professional photographers and videographers
Maryem & Thomas

A photo and a video shoot is above all a human encounter, an experience that we offer you.

So here is some information about us so that you understand who we are and how we work with you on the day of your photo/video shoot!

“Freeze the present in order to savor the past in the future”

Questions & answers

How do we work during your photo/video shoot?

Naturally sociable and positive, we often provide you with scenes through play and we like to put movements in your photos and videos. Sometimes you will be offered to walk, run, or chat with us during the shots. The human side is very important for us: a little complicity and laughter shared during the session make us happy and more importantly bring us more successful photos and videos!

Why do we work in pairs?

To work in pairs is to back each other up, to help each other. We are very complementary in life and in photos/videos: when one looks at the photos taken, the other takes over, when one needs a break, the other is  still there ! And then, during your family events (weddings, birthdays, baptisms, etc.), we are everywhere at the same time: one photographs the emotion of guests while the other photograph makes a larger framing of the stage or focuses on the ceremony etc.!

What does the photo and the video represent for us?

It is above all a passion ! When we start, we don’t stop: fatigue flies and our creativity races. Photography and videography are about constant learning, endless creative possibilities and the chance to always be able to improve. Photos and videos also allow us to work on ourselves: our relationship to others, our way of being in general, our imagination!

If you have more questions, please be welcome on our frequently asked questions page.

Maryem Cherblanc

Maryem Cherblanc portrait femme berret

My vision of photography:

I want us to be sociable, professional and caring. I can easily make young and old people comfortable in front of my lens!

My photos focus on the moment. Spontaneity, looks, laughter, and complicity are the ingredients for me create a beautiful image.

I like to capture living moments, scenes of life and fleeting moments to help transform fleeting joy into lasting memories.

My inspirations

I really like to be inspired by nature and the architecture at the location of the photoshoots, the elements of the decor give an atmosphere to each place.

I also really like to be inspired by other artists, for example this (did you have the video on your page? If yes, if is ok) video of Bernard Bertrand, discovered during one of his trainings, or the portraits of Marion Colombani.


Scarborough Fair, by Simon and Garkunkel: I really like this beautiful cannon, it’s one of the first songs I have sung!


This Is Us touches me a lot, it’s the story of a family that goes through life more or less easily, their story moves me. I really like following their adventures throughout their life!

Other passions?

Dancing: a passion that keeps my whole body alive, but also my mind and my creativity flow!

Sewing: I really like trying new creations and making small everyday items myself (bags for cameras, for example).

Singing: I was part of a polyphony choir and I enjoyed the experience very much, I haven’t stopped singing ever since!

Thomas Manin

Thomas Manin

My vision of photography & videography

My photos are generally human-oriented with a preference for portraits and familyevents.

I like to tell myself that people like the image that they convey through my photos and videos and that my pictures can give them a better view of themselves.

Above all, I focus on communication and good humor in order to achieve what delights me the most in my photos and videos: the natural!

My inspirations

I am inspired by other professionals and amateur photographers and videographers but also by cinema.


I like the film OST, from Clint Mansell or Hans Zimmer for example.

I also really like acoustic music, for example Lomepal – Ma cousin.


Ouch! Very hard to choose… Mr Robot, Breaking bad, Peaky Blinders… I don’t want to have to make a choice! 🙂

Other passions?

IT, which is my first job: I am a system administrator specializing in messaging systems.

Video games: in recent years I have loved: PUBG, LOL, Among Us, Detroit, Life is Strange …

Board games (Scythe, Mech vs Minions, Tainted Grail…) 

Online games: (poker, LoL at the moment…)

Street art: Banksy, Hopare (incredible), MTO …


backstage photographe
backstage photo
lampadaire photo couple
collaboration portrait