couple bateau lyon vaporetto

A romantic proposal on a boat in Lyon, France

Organizing a proposal on a boat in France is the guarantee of a proposal that will give you wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. To kneel while your boat drifts on a river against the backdrop of the idyllic landscape of the old town of Lyon: does that make you want to? It is precisely in this bewitching setting that Lucas* decided to propose to Sophie* in marriage, a few days ago, under the discreet gaze of my lenses. (*For the discretion of the bride and groom, the first names have been changed.)

In the greatest secrecy, for weeks, he organized the evening that would grant all his wishes! To ask his sweetheart in marriage, Lucas chose to rely on the services of an event organizer from Lyon: Charlène from the Pur Bonheur agency.

And when the day came, everything was ready: the boat with its crew, the sharp eye of the proposal photographer, the bouquet, the decorated table, and the butler.

coupe devant le vaporetto
couple s'embrasse amoureux
couple monte bateau demande mariage

The couple walked onto the dock, Sophie was only aware of being invited to dinner on a boat. I then presented myself as the official photographer of the boat who will capture a few moments of their crossing of the Saône in order to make them memories: first surprise for Sophie!

The couple then had a drink at the front of the boat, admiring the landscape of Old Lyon which paraded before their loving eyes. Sophie asked me to take their picture, which I did with pleasure, then I let them enjoy this suspended moment by retiring to the captain’s cabin.

couple bateau regarde paysage
couple vaporetto lyon bateau
couple bateau sourire photographe
couple câlin avant bateau

At a sign from Lucas, I then offered to take a few more photos before arriving at Barbe Island: I seemed to be offering a few small games for more natural photos, but in reality I was placing little by little little Sophie so that Lucas could propose to her. I moved away again, to allow them to enjoy these priceless moments, and she said yes!

What a pleasure for me to photograph their joy and their love during the proposal, to allow them to make this moment last forever!

demande en mariage genou à terre bateau
demande en mariage femme sourit bateau
couple bisou demande en mariage bateau
couple câlin serré bateau
couple sourire heureux câlin
main bague fiançailles demande mariage
vaporetto bateau lyonnais
couple tête contre tête bateau
couple bateau demande en mariage lyon
demande en mariage heureuse bateau
couple qui s'embrasse bateau
couple heureux assis l'un sur l'autre

If you enjoyed the images of this proposal on a boat, it’s time to introduce you to the little hands that made this proposal possible!

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