chateau du sou mariage décembre

E&G: a Christmas wedding in December

At the beginning of December, we photographed and videotaped our last wedding of 2021: the one of E and G, who were married in the beautiful castle of Sou, near Lyon. We thought we were going to share with you this last wedding of the year with all their good ideas to give their wedding a Christmas atmosphere!

The weather forecast was bad, but newlyweds were lucky since we were able to enjoy the sun, which was very present until sunset, and it only started to rain late, and very little! The bride had planned for this wedding in December a long-sleeved dress and a very soft little jacket, which she ended up wearing very little because the weather was so good. A wedding in December without catching a cold, it’s possible!

A wedding in December: a Christmas atmosphere!

To give a Christmas vibe to their wedding in December, the lovers have had some beautiful inspirations that you can take inspiration from for your own winter wedding.

First of all, the decoration of this December wedding: the bride and groom chose as colors green and white with a little bit of red, and they adorned the whole place in these colors with vegetation, flowers, candles, but also of course a Christmas tree and Christmas wreaths as a centerpiece! The bride chose a very original bouquet that goes well with the month of December: a hoop bouquet with a circle braided in white rope with red flowers, green leaves and some gilding, all made with love by her sister.

Then, the entertainment: at the table, each person had next to their name a small paper heart with a number, the number that corresponded to one of the small gift bags to find in the tree! Then there was the game of twelve months so that the bride and groom would in turn have gifts for each month of the coming year.

lieu cérémonie laique décoré noel vert
sapin de noel mariage décoration décembre
couronne de noel table décembre mariage vert blanc et rouge
couronne de noel décoration cérémonie laique
bouquet de mariée rond noel rouge vert blanc tressé décembre
décoration table noels fleurs rouge et blanche décembre

A castle for a wedding in December

Even though December may seem a bit chilly for a wedding, it’s a glorious month for castle wedding photos! To give their wedding an atmosphere worthy of fairy tales, E&G decided to get married at the Château du Sou, in France.

The Château du Sou is a 13th century castle made of golden stones, stones with an orange hue which give a very warm aspect to the building! Ideally located 45 minutes from Lyon, it allows a quick escape to the heart of the vineyards and the Beaujolais countryside.

Listed as a historical monument, the Château du Sou is a pleasure to look at, photograph and invest in for events: pretty round and square towers, a fountain, an old drawbridge, a small Gothic chapel … And inside There is a grandiose reception hall with bare stone walls and a very pleasant fireplace, especially for a wedding in December!

We also took advantage of the many rooms and apartments available for the preparations, and we met the owner who told us that there was also another room available in case the bride and groom wanted to play the children there.

château du sou mariage
château du sou de nuit mariage
mariage au château du sou en décembre mariés couple
couple château du sou mariés mariage décembre
couple danse mariés ouverture de bal répétition château du sou
couple château du sou mariage mariés noel
couple mariés château matiage sou

Did you enjoy the pictures from this lovely wedding in December? If this is the case and you need wedding photographers in Lyon or its surroundings, or even beyond, contact us and we will be happy to photograph and make a video of your wedding or your event. if you need it !

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