MN&F: their crazy wedding story

couple mariage jouques domaine puy bernier

Today, we present to you the wedding of MN&F in France, not far from Aix-en-Provence! A beautiful wedding, blah blah blah … STOP. What if for once we started with a crazy wedding story?

When we arrive at the church, everything seems normal, the guests sit down, the singer and her pianist get ready and start singing. The procession advances in the aisle, magnificent, the future groom awaits his sweetheart impatiently, and there she is, sumptuous, who advances on her father’s arm …

(Until then, everything is normal, I do not understand where the photographer is coming from …

But yes, a little patience, it will come!)

The lovers meet and discover each other, moved, and the father entrusts his daughter to his son-in-law, asking him to take good care of her. The bride and groom turn to the altar, hand in hand …

“But where is the priest?”

The priest, an essential element for any church ceremony, was indeed absent!

What a crazy wedding story ! All the guests were questioned, one of them had seen a person come to open the church, but someone else saw her leave immediately, and this person with the keys to the church of Jouques did not was by no means a priest, which was confirmed by many witnesses.

We then start to take out the cell phones, and here is the bride, all beautiful in her splendid princess dress, calling the absent one!

The guests go out to observe the street, other people try to join him.

And here it is finally! Not really sheepish, here he explains that he had noted that the wedding was an hour later, and that he would arrive anyway half an hour early to prepare the church.

Don’t leave right away, it’s not over! As a (curious) wedding photographer doing his duty, here I am following him as the procession prepares to parade again. And here he is who stops in front of the altar and discusses with the mother of the bride: “yes madam, I was playing cards with the nuns!”

And you, did you experience such a crazy wedding story? If so, do tell us in the comments, we’ll be delighted to read all about it !

mariée téléphone mariage jouques
prêtre retard mariage jouques

What to remember from this really crazy wedding stroy? Check a few days before that the date and time are understood by everyone? No, for that, you can hire a wedding planner to organize your wedding and normally everyone is on time! Here is the thing to remember: in the emotion of the moment and in the rush to get married, do not start the ceremony without having previously seen the officiant, whether for a religious or secular ceremony!

mariage jouques église noir et blanc

Let’s move on to more serious matters, the place they chose to celebrate their union was simply sublime! A little far from the heart of the medieval village of Jouques, this is a beautiful estate surrounded by lavender when it’s in season: the Puybernier estate.

A wedding venue in the middle of Provence that reminded us of the wedding venue in Uzès that we had covered earlier in the season: light stone walls, tiny tiles, beautiful spaces between the buildings, a pool ! Surrounded by a 500-hectare park of oaks, pines and olive trees, the Puybernier estate is a haven of peace that invites you to book for a minimum of one week in order to fully enjoy the setting and the peaceful and family atmosphere. of the place.

mariage jouques puybernier
mariage jouques lieu puybernier

The venue can accommodate a maximum of 18 people in 8 bedrooms. There are two separate buildings, which allowed the bride and groom to each prepare in a different building in order to keep the surprise of the discovery for the church!

The only two disadvantages that we found at the domain of puybernier are the following:

  • there is a 3km path between the estate and the road leading to Jouques, a path on which we are tossed around a bit in all directions because of the many holes
  • there is no possibility of receiving indoors (as in Uzès, the french outdoor wedding we photographed in July), but it is possible to receive under a tent.
olivier olives mariage jouques puybernier
escaliers domaine puybernier mariage jouques

The dress chosen by the bride for this wedding dazzled us! MN chose a very pretty princess dress to which she added a sleeve to make the neckline more symmetrical and hide her shoulder.

A pretty draped bustier, a skirt with romantic waves, a shiny fabric (the mikado), this is the model named Sedna, from the glamorous Hollywood collection of the Pronovias brand. Matched with a transparent chapel veil, this dress was stunning!

It also had the advantage of being able to be folded up to allow the bride to dance and walk more properly. We love it, what about you?

mariée robe pronovias princesse jouques
couple domaine jouques mariage
jeunes mariés rire éclat joques photo naturelle

Did you appreciate the crazy story of this wedding ? If so, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments and to tell us your own crazy wedding story! And if you also appreciated the photographs taken during this wedding, do not hesitate to contact us, we are wedding photographers and videographers in Provence but we travel throughout France and well beyond!