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Why do an engagement session?

If you are getting married, you have probably heard of the engagement session. A couple session, just for the two of you. A photo shoot filled with sweetness, where you get to know your photographers while enjoying the moment.

So that your images are as beautiful as possible for you, we completely personalize the session to your tastes and desires. To do this, we suggest you establish a moodboard (or inspiration board) for example on Pinterest gathering the couple photos that you like, so that we are inspired by them. This moodboard will help us understand the style of photos we are looking for, the mood you would like for your shoot, but also to better define the location of your shoot.

Fanny and Nicolas opted for a pre-wedding engagement session, several photos of which you will surely see later in the year! We present to you with this article some of the photos that we sent them for this session. Discover why you could do an engagement session and discover their photos !

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Why you must do an engagement session !

The advantages of the photos:

On the wedding day, you will be much more relaxed in front of the photographers and the cameras. Indeed, the engagement session is a session where you get to know your photographer in terms of operation but also humanely. The experience will therefore make you more confident for the rest of the festivities!

The advantages in terms of memories:

The engagement session will allow you to have beautiful couple photos. You’ll be dressed more casually than on your wedding day, and you will not be under the pressure of the big day. You will therefore have beautiful photos of you two that can be used to make a nice album, a save the date, a personalized invitation, a guestbook …

Some bride and groom even choose to show the photos of the engagement session on their wedding day, by printing their photos very large and integrating them into the decoration of their reception place (tht’s what Fanny and Nicolas did) or by creating a slideshow broadcast on the big screen. Emotions guaranteed!

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Where to do your engagement session?

We will always advise you to choose a place where you are comfortable: it can be at home, in a park where you are used to go to … Ideally, the chosen place is an emblematic place for your couple, filled with good memories. It can be the place where you met, the place of the marriage proposal… It can also be a place that you both want to discover, it has to be a place that speaks to you in any case!

The place will also depend on your desires in terms of photos: you want images close to a lake and in your inspiration board you have put a lot of ideas with water: talk with your photographer to find a place that can suit your photographic wishes but also the style of your couple.

séance_engagement_Lyon (1)
séance_engagement_Lyon (1)

When to do your engagement session ?

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The engagement session can take place whenever you want, on average our bride and groom ask us between 1 and 6 months before their wedding. However, if you want to do it two years before, it’s possible too! This obviously depends on your availability and what you want to do with your photos: blog to keep your guests informed of the preparations, save the date …

The date of your session also depends on your wishes: you want to go for a walk hand in hand in the snow, so you will have to wait for winter, and go to the mountains! You want to splash in the water, it would be better to wait for a warmer season …

Enjoy a beautiful light

The most popular and flattering light in photography is golden light at sunrise or sunset. The sunrise light also has the advantage of avoiding crowds while enjoying magical places! Later in the day, when the weather is nice, the sun is very strong and creates disadvantageous shadows on the faces. Depending on the season, the time of sunset and sunrise changes, you can check these times depending on the location of the shooting.

How long is it ?

The session generally lasts between 1h30 and 2h, depending on the location (s) chosen and our ideas. For Fanny and Nicolas’s engagement session, we went to the Tête d´Or park in Lyon. We circled the lake to get pictures in every spot we liked, so we used the 2 hours! We started the session in the small rose garden, and we ended it in the large greenhouse.

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Two professionnal photographers at your service

We are two photographers for your couple session, it’s two visions of photography that complement each other, and the assurance of having the best moments of your couple’s photo shoot. Our photos are natural, alive and romantic. Our goal: to tell your love story in our photos of you two.

If you also want to take beautiful photos before, during or after your wedding, go to our page dedicated to weddings!