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A&S: an unexpected french provence outdoor wedding

The story of their outdoor wedding

On July 10 in Lyon, France, A&S said yes! But they also said yes on the 11th and the 12th: a three-day outdoor wedding in a very pretty gîte in the french Provence ! Here is their wedding story.

On the 10th, the bride and groom make a first look in front of the town hall of Villeurbanne then meet their guests there before getting married and then going out to eat at the restaurant. After a wedding night at Boscolo can our two newlyweds, we all take the road to the lodging in Uzès!

After a few twists and turns of traffic during which we sometimes found ourselves in front of and then behind the car of the bride and groom, we finally arrive at the lodge, at the same time as the first guests. We take the opportunity to take our marks and visit the surroundings of Uzès: we find a very nice place for outdoor couple photos just next to the cottage: fields of lavender and beautiful fields of tall herbs.

We really like the cottage, beautiful white stones typical of the Occitan region, several pretty buildings, a large outdoor swimming pool for children!

The bride and groom then organize the arrival of the guests: some are assigned to unload the refrigeration truck which transports the food for the wedding, some prepare the salads, others the skewers for the barbecue, others decorate the place with pretty candles and paper lanterns, while children and teenagers enjoy the pool.

The evening is full of joy and ends very late: laughter, a lot of chatting, the bride and groom are enjoying their guests and having fun! The next morning, waking up is difficult for A. and her hairdresser who both get ready early, one to be ready for the couple photos and the other to be able to do all the guests’ hair before the lovers return!

We knew we wanted their wedding photos to take place outside. As we had spotted these pretty fields in Uzès for the wedding photos of A&S, we abandon the idea of ​​taking couple photos at the Pont du Gard. The weather is more than lenient: a little wind to refresh, beautiful clouds to have a textured sky while keeping a soft light: the dream of any wedding photographer for the couple shoot!

The day then passes happily and, highlight of the show, the bride and groom even jump into the pool fully dressed at the end of the day, before some of the guests return home!

A marriage rich in emotions, the memory of which will remain engraved for a long time. A wedding which was to take place indoor in France, in a Château, but which finally shifted to Uzès due to the sanitary situation: our newlyweds were even more than delighted by this unexpected twist in the end!

This unexpected french outdoor wedding allowed them to:

  • spend more time with their guests
  • accommodate all their guests on site
  • enjoy a large outdoor swimming pool
  • decorate the place like they wanted

Everything that their Lyon Château would not have allowed!

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Getting married in France and outdoors ?

When planning their wedding, A&S were sure of one thing: they wanted a French wedding, even though A. had Laotian origins. A wedding in France, even if it means inviting the whole family of A., coming from Laos!

They dreamed of an indoor wedding, in a beautiful Château, but liked even more this french outdoor wedding!

The place chosen for their wedding was typically French: fields of lavender in the surroundings and a small town not far away, typically French too, with its cobbled streets and beautiful old church.

The advantages of an outdoor wedding:

  • an outdoor wedding allowed them to enjoy the pool
  • an outdoor wedding allowed them to enjoy the garden of the cottage
  • an outdoor wedding allowed them to enjoy French Provence
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You too will get married soon in France and you want pretty wedding photos outside ?

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