couple proposal in annecy France

A Romantic Proposal in Annecy, France

Organizing a marriage proposal in Annecy, one of the most beautiful French cities, is the guarantee of an absolutely fabulous and romantic setting. An idyllic getaway by the lake, surrounded by mountains, that’s exactly what Kim dreamed of, and that’s why Brandon chose in the greatest secrecy to hire me there to take the photos of his marriage proposal. 

In the greatest secrecy, we meticulously crafted every detail of the proposal to ensure they experienced the most enchanting and unforgettable proposal that surpassed even their wildest dreams.

And when the day came, everything was ready: the weather was as sunny as ever, and as a proposal photographer, my keen eye remained ever watchful, capturing every moment with unwavering attention to detail.

couple annecy proposal lake photographer
couple proposal in annecy France
girlfriend crying proposal annecy

When the couple parked, Brandon was very nervous, and Kim wondered why. She had guessed this proposal would happen during this trip in France, but for her it was to take place maybe in Chamonix, or maybe on a private catamaran cruise around Lake Annecy that was planned for the same day, on the evening. 

When she arrived in the Jardins de l’Europe, she had not the smallest idea of what would happen.

I leaned against the barrier exactly where the proposal would happen, the cameras safely hidden in my bag. Brandon knew what I looked like, and I knew what they looked like, so when they came I left the barrier as if I had a phone call and start searching for my camera which as already on and ready to shoot. What a good acting it was for both of us who knew act was to come!

With the Lake Annecy and the Alps behind them, a beautiful sun enveloping them in a soft light, everything was perfect ! He took a few pictures of her, and then he knelt down before her. She started to laugh, then cried, and they hugged him and said yes!

couple kissing near the lake in France proposal annecy
Lake annecy with mountains alps proposal place
kiss on the cheek proposal annecy photographer

When shooting a proposal, I am always very attentive to the couple needs. When I saw all those beautiful emotions bursting in front of my eyes, I left them intimacy and waited patiently for the right moment to introduce myself.

When she was ready, Kim searched around her to see if this moment was photographed and saw me, and came to thank me. She was so very happy to have a couple session right after the proposal!

We started walking to the next spot, the Lovers Bridge, or in french Le Pont des Amours. It is such a beautiful spot for a couple session, with the Lake Annecy, the Alps, the Vassé canal and the old trees around. To add to this romantic setting, it also has a beautiful legend: the story goes that any lovers who kiss while on the bridge will be together for life.

Wedding ring proposal annecy France
Pont des Amours Lovers Bridge Annecy couple session
Lovers Bridge proposal Annecy beautiful place
Pont des Amours couple session Annecy France
couple session Annecy photographer

This wonderful French city is sometimes called the Venise of the Alps because of its blue lake and canals inside the Vieux Annecy. The Vieux Annecy is also very colorful around the Palais de l’Isle, so it was a very nice place to end the session there with a different setting. 

couple session in the Vieux Annecy photographer
Old Town Annecy couple session proposal photographer
Annecy canaux
Annecy couple sur un pont sur le Thiou
Annecy couple on a pound on the Thiou
Lovers hands Annecy proposal
Annecy old town canals Venise of the Alps
Couple walking hand in hand Annecy photographer

If you enjoyed the images of this proposal in Annecy and want to plan yours in France with me, contact me!

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