mariage couple saint etienne

M&F: their wedding in Côte d’Or

Today, we are showing you the story of a beautiful wedding that we photographed a few months ago near Lyon.

It’s the love story of M. and F. – the story of their big day.

With perseverance and a lot of patience, a postponed marriage sees the light of day!

It begins with oriental music playing in the background, children admiring the bride, speechless guests, and cupcakes being offered to those present.

Touched guests, with tears in their eyes, come to hug their friends and admire the bride.

It begins in Autun, then moves to the Grand Nanteux estate, 2 hours from Lyon. The party brings together 200 guests.

A small group attends the ceremony inside the town hall. The guests who remain outside impatiently wait to send their wishes of happiness to the bride and groom in the form of confetti and soap bubbles!

The rustic decorations and exposed stones amaze the guests…and the bride and groom! There are pretty tables covered with flower petals and floral arrangements. There is even a grandiose park for the couple’s photos and for the happiness of the children!

Suddenly rain arrives. Surprisingly the family of F. laughs, as they arrived at the party covering their heads with pots and sacks.

The buffet is appreciated by all, and then the ceremony. Finally the music bursts out and guests start dancing!

The day is filled with sharing, laughing and dancing – moments which make time stand still.

maquilleuse mariage lyon
mariage preparatif robe
Voile de mariage
voiture location mariage
Preparatif mariage
details mariage
Mariage à la mairie
sortie de mairie mariage
marie Autun mariage
cérémonie civile
marie Autun
décoration table mariage
photo d'enfants mariage sathonay
affichettes pour évènement
repas buffet froid mariage
petits fours mariage
mariage photo details du domaine
mariage photo details du domaine
mariage photo details du domaine
Salle du grand nanteux maligny
bouquet mariage
mariée salle grand nanteux
Seance mariage neuville
mariage couple saint etienne
couple domaine grand nanteux
mariage grand nanteux
soirée mariage danse lyon
soirée mariage au grand nanteux
fin de soirée grand nanteux

These photos are published with their permission, thank you !

We had a great time photographing their big day in this quiet, rural location, not far from Lyon.

Did you like the photos and would you also like to be photographed by two professional photographers?

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