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C&J: an elegant wedding at the Domaine de la Ruisselière

Organizing your wedding at the Domaine de la Ruisselière means enjoying a unique place surrounded by lush vegetation, in the tranquility of Beaujolais. The Domaine de la Ruisselière is located in the land of golden stones in Lacenas, less than one our drive from Lyon Airport. An intimate reception venue in France for a quiet wedding in a bewitching setting!

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What joy to share these precious moments with our newlyweds, and what emotion too! At every moment, we were there, discreet, attentive, witnesses both external and at the same time very close. We captured the beauty of their nuptials so that throughout their lives, C&J can relive those suspended moments with emotion.

We are wedding photographers in France but also videographers to allow our bride and groom to keep complete and quality memories of this splendid day.

The lovely bride, their entwined hands, the hugs of their family and friends, the tenderness and kindness of everyone’s eyes: so many lasting memories that everyone will enjoy looking at again and again!

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The vegetation of this wedding venue gives the impression of being transported to kilometers away, in the South of France. The path embroidered with trees allows a spectacular entrance, and you will find other magnificent trees on the estate, including a splendid weeping willow near which the witnesses of our newlyweds officiated a ceremony in the shade.

A few remnants of the property, voluntarily left by the owner, offer a timeless character to the venue for your wedding. These are the testimonies of the past, these arches, these fireplaces, these fountains which give the place all its originality and which will seduce you. The place has been completely renovated with care and respect for the old building: it was an old wine farm from the 17th century.

C&J have chosen this place to celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives: their union! And they did well: on D-Day, surrounded by their loved ones and their wedding photographers and videographers, they spent an unforgettable day. Discover their wedding photos which will be a very dear part of their family heritage!

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marié miroir se recoiffe préparatif
robe de mariée oh my robe domaine de la ruisselière
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papeterie décorée flatly photo de détail mariage
bague de fiançailles dans fleur photo détail macro mariage
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bague de fiançailles et alliance photo mariage épurée fine art

The newlyweds each got ready in one of the ten different rooms of the Domaine de la Ruisselière. The bride had her make-up and hair done facing the pretty view on the gardens, where the ceremony would then take place.

With their hearts filled with love and happiness, they then discovered each other in their wedding attire during a first look in the garden in front of the estate, and we continued with a couple photo shoot before leaving for the town hall aboard a mustang decorated for the occasion, driven by the groom’s dad.

Once back, a very moving ceremony imagined by the sister of the bride awaited them. The cocktail followed, then a very festive evening full of surprises: a busy wedding day that exceeded all their expectations and will remain etched in their hearts.

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If you enjoyed this wedding images, it’s time to let you know all the vendors that worked to make our bride and groom’s dream day a reality:

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Written by Thomas & Maryem

Written by Thomas & Maryem

We are wedding photographers and videographers. We share with you the good ideas that we have the opportunity to see during our reports.