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C&D: an incredible wedding in Provence

A year ago, we were contacted by C&D to photograph their lovely wedding in Provence.

And then two months ago, we were contacted by one of their guests, to add a wedding video to our photographic service, without telling the bride and groom if they didn’t find out by themselves !

So we thought we were going to tell you about this funny adventure that Thomas lived for a whole day: a wedding videographer under cover of a photographer, we would have thought he was a kind of spy!

All day long we heard: “Ah fortunately you don’t record what we say” and “Oh take a picture of us!”. All day, we searched for excuses, found stratagems to evade questions! All day, we exchanged complicit and surprised looks: “Do you think they still haven’t realized?” “It’s crazy but I think they don’t suspect a thing.”

Yes all day, since despite the presence of our microphone to record the ceremony, the presence of a drone which did not remain static and the presence of an external screen on Thomas’ device, the bride and groom were so happy and moved by all that was happening that they only realized at the time of the couple session, at the end of the reception, that Thomas did not seem to be taking pictures.

Joy and happiness for the guest who managed to surprise the bride and groom, passing through us! And what a nice surprise for the newlyweds who will have not only the photos they had ordered but also a video retracing their day with vivid and so moving memories.

We let you judge for yourself the result of this beautiful surprise, followed by the photos of this splendid Provençal wedding:

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mariés qui dansent bastide des terres
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Pretty wedding in Drôme Provençale

With a couple life filled with adventures, the bride and groom featured in this article have well deserved an idyllic wedding day!

Like in a good novel, C&D experienced the lack of each other, life without each other, and they decided not to spend a single second living apart from each other. When they found each other, the marriage proposal was quick to come, like their adorable little girl by the way.

This long-awaited wedding, the outcome of their love story, finally took place in September, at the Bastide des Terres, surrounded by all their close friends and family, but also by their wedding photographers and videographers!

Supported by their guests, it was during a secular ceremony rich in emotions that they said yes for life.

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bastide des terres
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Wedding photo and video in Provence

As a wedding photographer and videographer in Lyon, Drôme Provençale is one of those places we like to go for your weddings. With its exteriors in a bewitching vegetal setting, each photo is magnified!

Our newlyweds took full advantage of their wedding in this place with a breathtaking view on the surrounding hills. Discreetly, we captured each of the suspended moments that made up this day to transcribe its beauty: the hugs of our newlyweds, their looks filled with love, their tender gestures.

These photos and this wedding video will be priceless memories that will add to the emotions felt during these magical moments!

mariée qui danse
marié et ses témoins mariage bastide des terres
mariés Provence mariage lieu domaine
robe de mariée droite
village normande
mariés marchent Provence
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Discover all the little hands that gave life to this Provençal wedding:




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