Your proposal in France: a photographer to immortalize it!

Put you at ease to immortalize the "yes"!

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Natural and spontaneous for a surprise marriage proposal

Hire a French proposal photographer to immortalize the “yes” in France! A marriage proposal is often a moment charged with emotions that will remain etched in your memories for both of you. The photos and even why not the video of this moment of joy will be priceless additional memories for you!

As a wedding proposal photographer in France, mostly in Paris, Annecy or even around the world, I will be able to recommend suitable places and times depending on how you would like to propose to your sweetheart, and I can give you tips so that the surprise is total!

I have the solution for you !


Imagine that from the first contact with your photographer, you feel that your proposal photos will be perfect: she listens to you, she gives you excellent advice!

Imagine that the day of the proposal everything goes even better than you had imagined: you are in your bubble, you laugh, you have a great time filled with complicity and love!

Imagine that when you receive the photos you find them magnificent, full of emotions. You have tears in your eyes and you immediately plan with your spouse to call the photographer so that she can also be your wedding photographer !

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A little bit of me

Discreet, emphatic and sociable, the right trio of qualities for photographing a marriage proposal! I am in my element both to guide you during a couple session but also when it comes to withdrawing and making myself (even more) small to let you savor the moment, when you put the knee down.

A proposal is such an important moment in the life of a couple, a magical moment so strong in emotions, that it is essential for me to have several exchanges with you in order to understand your expectations and to modulate my presence according to your desires.

I particularly like talking with you about how you imagine yours, and what I can do to help you feel as zen as possible when the time comes.

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Your proposal photographed

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A proposal that looks like you

You may not be a model or an actor, being in front of the lens of a professional photographer should not add stress to you when you propose to the chosen one of your heart.

This is why I generally offer you two possibilities for organizing the “photo session” which will allow you either to be used to my presence at the time of the proposal, or not to have to take care of me during the proposal.

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a proposal during a photo shoot

Let your loved one know about the photo session by offering them this session, for example, on vacation, on a birthday, or just for the pleasure of having beautiful memories as a couple!

This operation can allow you to be more relaxed during the shoot.
It is the assurance of arriving at the photo session prepared: clothes, possible makeup, hairstyle!
During the couple session, I put you both at ease thanks to little games: I’m used to photographing couples!
You can take out the engagement ring at the beginning, in the middle (once you are comfortable) or at the (almost) end of the photoshoot (to have time to immortalize your beautiful emotions).
You will give me a little secret sign to announce the moment of the proposal.
Organizing is easier!

A paparazzi proposal photographer

You don’t want the chosen one of your heart to know that there will be a photographer, because you think he or she will suspect something: then ask me to be present on the spot and play the invisible!

We will define together, depending on the place and time of the request, the position in which you will have to be to be correctly oriented in relation to the light.
We will exchange photos of the exact place where you will ask for your darling’s hand.
If there are people where you choose to make your request, I will go more unnoticed… but there will be a very high risk of a photobomb!
After the request, if you wish you can introduce me and we can go on a couple photo session (called an engagement session), or postpone it until the next day so that you have time to prepare.

3 tips for successful proposal photos

01. The place of the proposal

When you plan to ask for the hand of your future wife or your future husband in France, I suppose you want the most beautiful place possible, so that this moment is memorable. If in addition you plan to take a photographer to immortalize this marriage proposal, you must be doubly careful that the place suits you!

For my part, I think you have to dare to think big: a marriage proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower, a marriage proposal on the water, a marriage proposal at the top of a mountain: the place reflects your history as a couple, your desires and your aspirations! Tell me your desires and I will guide you to the best viewpoints for an idyllic marriage proposal in a bewitching setting.

02. Time for the proposal

Depending on the place chosen, but also on the organization of your day, you will define an approximate schedule for your marriage proposal. As a photographer, I know the busy times of different places and the small improvements to be made either to avoid the crowd or to get away from it and make it less visible!

But even more important, I will also advise you on a position to adopt for a pretty light on your marriage proposal, depending on the course of the sun on the chosen place, at the chosen time. Unsurprisingly, the two most beautiful times of the day to kneel down and take out the engagement ring are sunrise and sunset!

03. Organizing the marriage proposal

A marriage proposal needs to be prepared, and often my clients like to plan a few little things to make the whole day special in the eyes of their future wife or their future husband: it can be a cruise, a restaurant, a surprise picnic in a park…

In any case, I propose to be the listening ear to whom you will tell all this to advise you and guide you on the choices that will work best!

I can also offer you ideas for an original marriage proposal, whether you are making your surprise marriage proposal in Paris, or even abroad! I am also in contact with event organizers who can guide you to organize a surprise marriage proposal as close to your desires as possible: catering at home, decoration of an atypical place, organization of a dream day!

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Would you like it ?

My secret for successful marriage proposal photos!


to listen

I am very empathetic by nature: listening to you and giving you space to express yourself is my priority.
If you need a little discretion after the proposal, I’ll sense it and walk away right away.


Personalized support

Each marriage proposal is unique, so I offer photo (and even video) sessions fully personalized to your couple and your expectations. I will try to get to know you better to offer you suitable places that you will like for example!


Take the time

On the day of the photo shoot, you will understand, I try to get you as natural as possible. I will therefore be very discreet and I will use small games and movement to put you at ease if you choose to do a couple photo session before, during or after the proposal!

Before you continue reading...

My photo sessions to immortalize your marriage proposal will not be made for you if you do not have time to give me to present your desires and your program, that you want to book your photo session quickly without explanations.

If, on the other hand, when you arrive here you have loved everything you have seen and read, then there is a good chance that I am exactly the right photographer for you!


Where do you go to photograph my proposal?

As I live in France, I work mainly in Paris and Lyon, which I know very well: I can offer you a wide variety of places according to your desires and the style of your couple!

I also love to travel around the world!

How much does it cost?

Everything will depend on the place (if you are proposing in Norway or in Paris, it’s obviously not the same thing), but also on what you want:

  • I can immortalize your marriage proposal in “paparazzi” mode, then possibly a couple photo shoot,
  • or I can immortalize a real couple session during which there will be the proposal!

What if it rains on the day of the photo shoot?

If the weather is very unfavorable for the shoot, we will have determined in advance a sheltered place.

We can also consider doing the proposal partly under a nice umbrella: it’s very nice too, I promise!

And if the weather conditions really require it, we will postpone the session, or I will offer you a couple photo session another time!

How is the delivery of the photos going?

For these marriage proposal photo sessions, I return the photos to you within a week, on an online gallery secured by password.

You can upload your photos there, or place an order directly for prints!

Kind words

My proposal photography services


During a first call, we will discuss your desires for your proposal, I will give you advice if you need it, and we will define together what would suit you best for the photo coverage of your proposal, whether I am your proposal photographer or you choose someone else! I will then send you a quote, and you will decide if you hire me or not.

I can also offer you the making of a short video for memories in action of these beautiful emotional moments.

I will adapt my services to your desires and your needs: if you want me to accompany you on a 3-hour cruise for an atypical proposal, or that I be present for only half an hour in paparazzi mode: everything is possible !

I am also an engagement photographer and wedding photographer, if you like the way I work during the proposal, it will be possible that I accompany you for the rest!