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We are Maryem and Thomas.

Professional wedding photographer and videographer in Venice, we love to capture not only the aesthetics of your wedding but also and above all its history: your laughters, your tears of joy, your chills!

Our photographic style is bright, sincere and timeless.

Our videographic style aims to tell your story, to talk about you through neat and meticulously processed video shots.

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Photographs with unique syle

We give a bright aesthetic and style to your wedding report, by asking you to pose little, still naturally, and without seeking to control your big day, because we have a preference for authentic, spontaneous photos, and videos where you don’t worry about our camera.

The naturalness that shines through our photographs and videos allows us to capture what makes your relationship unique: your complicity, your way of being with each other … We know how to put our newlyweds and their guests at ease through small posing games that relax them and allow them to be themselves with each other in the presence of our goals.

Our goal: to document the story of your marriage in all its sincerity, with real artistic research. Photographs of the real moments of your wedding will mean more to you than staging photographs.

Choosing the right photographer to cover your Venice wedding is very important: you will look at the photographs so many times afterwards, for years to come, as well as your friends, families and children! The style of the chosen photographer should totally match you. Since the photographer is one of the closest people to you that day, the feeling has to be there to be able to fully enjoy the day.

We always make sure that we really match what you are looking for through one or more appointments, in Venice or by skype, before offering to sign anything.

Wedding photography: a thoughtful approach

We are not intrusive photographers. We slip discreetly into your wedding to  photograph the events of your day in photos or take them in video. However, we are not afraid to be more directive when needed, for example to take your couple and group photos in order to take from you as little time as possible.

We add our creativity to our technical mastery of photography and video in order to offer you images that are both artistic and delicate, which will have been able to capture with sincerity your personality and your emotions throughout your wedding day in Venice.

Our wedding report is a mix of your personality and your desires with our creativity and our photographic eye.

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Our newlyweds in Venice

Wedding photography services - Venice

Whichever venue you choose, whether you are getting married on a gondola ride down the canals of Venice or in one of the estates around the Lover’s Town, you can count on us to capture the style and the theme you have chosen for your wedding in photographs and videos that match your tastes.

If you have any question left, contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you, or visit the frequently asked questions section.

If you want to learn more about our team, go to the dedicated page.

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Travel and accommodation costs included.


2 599€


3 699€


2 599€

Photographer and videographer in Venice but also worldwide !

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