FAQ - Wedding

You will find below a list of answers to your possible questions and suggestions to better manage the organization of your wedding. If you do not find an answer, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page!


What is the style of your pictures and videos?

We have a natural approach during your wedding: the photos and videos are more spontaneous and on the spot, we make you pose little.

We really like the visual of the fine art style: the photos and videos are therefore very bright. We also like black and white (mostly for your photos), which bring out emotions.

Do you have spare materials?

Yes! We are currently using four cameras for two photographers, so we each have a backup camera in case of a breakdown. We also carry spare batteries and SD cards, two flashes, and necessary chargers with us.

How far can you go to photograph and take videos of our wedding?

We are near Lyon. However we love to travel throughout France and worldwide to follow our future bride and groom !

couple mariés château lapeyrouse mornay


Are you going to use my photos/vidéos on the internet?

Yes, but only with your explicit agreement in the contract! We have a specific clause for image right which you can accept or refuse. If you decline, no use will be made of your image.

One of my guest does not want to be on our photos/videos.

We will explain to him that his image will not be used without his consent. We will remind him that the photos and videos are taken to give you memories of this important day! Either way, it will be the bride and groom who will be the priority target anyway.

One of my guests does not want his image on the internet.

The authorization to distribute your photos and videos that you sign in the contract only concerns the bride and groom. To use photos/videos of your guests, we will always ask you to put us in touch with them for their consent, and if they disagree, their image will not be used.

What is happening if you can't come to tour wedding?

First of all, we let you know as soon as possible and we do our best to find another photographer who can replace us on D-Day for the same price and the same quality of photos. Then, either we postpone the photo and video shoot, or we reimburse you fully!

A cancellation on our part will only take place in the event of force majeure.


Where can we organize our couple session?

The ideal for pretty couple photos is to go to a place away from your guests to prevent them from disturbing you: the couple session is a moment just for you, and your eyes should not be directed to the guests! Then we give you some suggestions based on where your wedding is going and how much time you can give those photos on D-Day.

When can we organize our couple session?

Ideally, we like to photograph and take videos of our bride and groom in the light of the sunset: the half hour just before the sun sets is ideal for a very soft light. Preferably we avoid the hours when the shadows created by the sun are too harsh on your faces (between 11 am and 3 pm generally). But of course, we adapt to your time constraints!

What can we do if it is raining on D-day?

We can very well take some shots in the rain which will have an unusual effect and will give very beautiful photos and videos. We are equipped to take groups photos and couple photos indoors, or we are open to other alternatives.

How long will last our couple session be?

Between half an hour and an hour and a half, depending on the time you can give us. The distance of the location chosen for these photos and videos should also be taken into account.

Why program a day after?

The session after the wedding, called Day After or Trash the Dress according to the photographers, allows you to get back into the atmosphere of your wedding: you will put on your costume, your dress. Then we would go where we couldn’t go on D-Day! On top of a snow-capped mountain, by the ocean, in a Japanese garden… The only limit is your imagination! We will do again couple photos and take more time, in more varied places, which will be released from the pressure of D-Day!

Do you have suggestions so that everythng goes well?

1 / Pay no attention to us. Spontaneous photos are very often the most successful!

2 / Make a dress code or ask your guests to agree in terms of color. Your closest friends in purple dresses for example, in navy blue… the group photos will only be more beautiful!

3 / Do an engagement session with us. This photo shoot outside the wedding will allow you to get used to us and our objectives for the big day.

4 / Contact us with any questions. The relationship between us and you is very important. A good relationship allows more relaxation on the big day: your photos and videos will therefore look more like you!

5 / You can make an announcement at the beginning of your wedding to warn the guests of our presence as professionals and asking them not to stand in our way, to put their phones away, and to trust us.

6 / You can put us in touch with a person close to you one week before so that they can help us with the formation of groups and answer our questions on the big day in order to avoid taking up your time.