We use an A7RII, two A7IIIs and an A7II, along with a 24mm 1.4GM, a 35mm 1.8, a 55mm 1.8, and two 85mm 1.4 and 1.8. We also have three flashes, a continuous light and a softbox.

On the video side we have two external monitors and a Ronin RSC2 stabilizer.

Of course, we have 4 devices for both of us, one of the devices can break down without it bothering us for our performance. We are also equipped with several batteries and SD cards, 5 different lenses.

We live near Lyon. However we love to travel throughout France and worldwide to follow our future bride and groom !

Don’t worry ! We can very well take some shots in the rain which will have an unusual effect and will give very beautiful photos and videos. We are equipped to take groups photos and couple photos indoors, or we are open to other alternatives.

Only with your explicit and written consent! If you refuse, no use will be made of your image.

Your refusal may however result in additional invoicing, because the images of our customers are our only way to show the evolution of our work and to find new customers!

The photos and videos are processed in terms of light, colorimetry, saturation, contrast… We also correct temporary defects (pimples, slight dark circles), but the appearance of the people present (morphology, scars…) does not change.

In case of cancellation by you:

We will reschedule the session to another date if that is your wish. You must notify us at least 2 days before the session. If you have deposited a deposit, we keep it and can transform it into a credit for a future session.

In case of cancellation by the photographers:

We will only cancel in case of force majeure!

First of all, we let you know as soon as possible and we do our best to find another photographer who can replace us on D-Day for the same price and the same quality of photos.

If we can’t find it, we will either postpone the photo session or refund you in full!

In France, we will charge you in addition to the price of the session 50ct per kilometer, round trip, as well as the toll charges if there are any.

If the photo/video session takes place in the evening or early in the morning, we can also charge you for our accommodation or offer to pay for it. We ask for a room that locks with a decent bed and an accessible bathroom.

Outside France, we will charge you our plane/boat/train fees, and an accommodation for two nights.

If the service takes place during the time of a meal, we ask that a proper meal be provided for us as well.

For weddings, we undertake to return the photos and video to you within a maximum of four weeks. We like to send you a preview with some photos in the week after the wedding to keep you waiting!

For family, couple and portrait sessions, we are committed to returning the images to you within one week once the photos have been chosen!

If it is a longer session such as a birthday or a bachelorette party, the delay can go up to two weeks or four weeks for a full day report.

For companies, it all depends on the event, report or photo shoot. The average time is two weeks.

Contact us and describe the service you want!

We will then send you a contract proposal, if it suits you, you will send it back to us signed with a 30% deposit. The balance will be due on the wedding day!