The memories of your wedding in Bordeaux will quickly become invaluable to you: entrust them to our hands and eyes of experienced professionals!

For your wedding you have thought through and taken care of every little detail to make the celebration of your union even more elegant and refined, we will know how to photograph all its beauty!

These sincere moments of pure happiness between you will be captured in photographs and videos rich in emotions.


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Maryem is the emphatic of the duo: a photographer full of life, who gets up every morning with the desire to meet new people. She has easy contact, she easily photographs the guests by integrating into their group and puts everyone at ease for natural photos, young and old ones!

Thomas is the creative: both wedding photographer and videographer, he is passionate about creating thoughtful and aesthetic images, he has a very attentive eye for the slightest light and the possibilities of making a composition interesting to transcribe your day.


Authenticity and passion for your wedding photos and videos

Whether you marry in a castle in winter or next to a lake in spring, preparations are very important: it’s the start of your day: emotions rise ! During the preparations, we usually separate so that each is with one of the future spouses.

When the weather permits, we like to take a “first look” at the end of the preparations. The husband stands in a chosen place and waits for us to bring his future wife. Lovers discover each other and it is a moment of intense emotion that we love to photograph and take on video.

During the ceremony, while Thomas or Maryem focuses on the key moments (the passage of alliances, your complicity, the signatures…), the other photographer or videographer captures the emotions of your loved ones, your families, the place, its atmosphere and the details that may be important in the report!

The couple session: a moment of relaxation where you enjoy being together. Ideally, the location chosen should be away from your guests so that they do not disturb you, and at the end of the day for a little softer light. PS: We are used to making couples comfortable. No worries!

It is best to have someone to help us form the groups, someone who knows you well and who knows the guests well as well. We like to know the groups in advance so that we can be as effective as possible.

If the occasion arises, we capture the guests laughing at their tables before tackling THE festive moment of your wedding; the evening !

During this one we are at the heart of the action! An exciting challenge for us because it requires a lot of technique, but terribly fun!



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As professionals we are aware of the responsibilities incumbent on us.

We carefully prepare all of our equipment the day before the wedding. We each work with two professional devices that we master perfectly! Why two? There is no risk of being stranded due to an outage on D-Day and it is more practical to quickly adapt to each situation.

On the big day, whether the wedding is next to us, in Bordeaux, in a beautiful castle or on the beach, we always allow a significant time margin to locate the places, and in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Also note that we save the photos and video shots of your wedding the day just after the service for more security!

If you have more questions, we invite you to read our frequently asked questions section.

Contact us and tell us everything about he two of you, your wedding, and ask us everything you want to know !

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