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Combining Two Visions to Immortalize Your Story

For your wedding on the French Riviera, are you more into photo, video, or both?

You don’t really know?

What if instead of meeting a photographer and then a videographer, you meet both at the same time?

In photo, video, or both:

What if, from the first meeting with your photographer and videographer for your wedding on the French Riviera, you were met with understanding, respect, and comfort?

Now, picture your wedding day with a videographer and photographer who are very discreet but attentive to your needs and comfort.

Imagine that the result is personalized : exceptional photos and videos that you can’t wait to share with everyone !

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A photo and video duo

It’s not always easy to work with a videographer without stepping on each other’s toes! This is why, from the start of Instant Shooting, we looked for the perfect videographer partner to offer complementary photo and video services.

We were demanding in our search but couldn’t find a videographer who matched our expectations: the videos were too slow and not consistent enough with our style. And so much the better: it was precisely when we were looking for a partner that Thomas discovered his passion for video: so he trained to become a videographer!

As he was a photographer before, and as I trained a little with him too, we know how to place ourselves in relation to each other and this allows us to work in perfect harmony.

We have developed techniques to understand each other without getting in the way and we love working together this way and being able to offer complete services for your wedding.

This means that for you, there will be no need to deal with disagreements and problems between the photographer and the videographer! Practical, right?

photos and video that truly represent you

Picture your wedding day in Provence going smoothly and seamlessly.

You’re completely at ease in front of the camera, thanks to a French photographer and videographer who know how to make your smile naturally, without effort.

Your guests can’t stop praising their work !

Time saving

By calling on a French photographer and videographer duo who know each other inside out, you will have saved a lot of time before your wedding, and even on your big day!

After the wedding

With the photos and video in hand, you’re amazed at how beautifully the essence of your special day is captured.

You can’t wait to display the photos and watch the video over and over again !

Would you like it ?

How it works !


Before your wedding

By working together, we make things easier for you!

  • one contact
  • the same appointment to express your expectations
  • one contract
  • just one email if you have any questions!

And on the day of the wedding, information flows easily. What you say to one, you don’t need to say to the other!


A dual creative vision

On your wedding day in the French Riviera or anywhere in the world, at a glance, we understand what the other person needs to do their shooting in the best conditions.

But our complicity goes even beyond, after your wedding, to allow you to obtain even more coherent photos and video!

Thomas, the videographer, also has an eye on the photos, and I, Maryem, the photographer, also have an eye on the video.

Thanks to this creative double eye, we pay double attention to the details for an even more qualitative result!

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SO ?


Start by going to the page you like the most, and then go to the other one to find out how we work!

Photographer and videographer on the French Riviera but also worldwide !

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