We are Thomas & Maryem, a couple of professional and passionate wedding photographers and videographers, always on the lookout for each of the small and big pleasures that will punctuate your wedding day.

From your small restless steps in your place of preparations to your big dance steps at the end of the evening, we are here to photograph every important moment for your couple!

Our photos and videos reflect the mood of every moment of the day, your emotions and those of your loved ones.

Your memories of this day will remain engraved in your heart but also on the images that you will keep for life. That’s why there are two of us: we want you to be able to remember your whole day in the French Riviera in great detail!


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Maryem is the emphatic of the duo: a photographer full of life, who gets up every morning with the desire to meet new people. She has easy contact, she easily photographs the guests by integrating into their group and puts everyone at ease for natural photos, young and old ones!

Thomas is the creative: both wedding photographer and videographer, he is passionate about creating thoughtful and aesthetic images, he has a very attentive eye for the slightest light and the possibilities of making a composition interesting to transcribe your day.


Authenticity and passion for your wedding photos and videos

A wedding photo and video shoot for us is an artistic approach, in which we attach importance to details, integrated with natural and delicate portraits of the couple and the guests.

The sensitivity of the photographer / videographer is an asset that makes the difference in feeling the essence of marriage: the ability to perceive and feel the personality and desires of the couple. Your photos and videos taken on the wedding day will stay with you all your life, they will accompany your desires to relive this day, or to share it with those you love.

The professionalism of the photographer and videographer who will create your wedding memories is precious. Our experiences and our daily work in the field of reporting refine our sense of telling the story of a day, of a moment … We develop an intuition, coupled with an inspiration that is born through our passion for cinema and admiration for great photographers and videographers.



Your photographers in the French Riviera

what will your shot look like?

Every detail counts, the wedding dress, the earrings, the manicure, the hairstyle. Without forgetting the costume, the cufflinks, the floral arrangements, the shoes, the perfume and of course the place where you chose to marry, in the French Riviera ! All together they create a day in your image. They make your wedding unique, they are your reflection!

Our goal is to provide you with the keys that will open the doors of memories for you, they will contain everything you have meticulously researched and chosen to fuel the wonderful moments of your wedding.

The images will be able to tell in an elegant and poetic way the moments lived, where the distant thoughts and the words are not enough any more.

We bring into your story our visions of happiness, beauty and love.

A beautiful light near the sea, tears and smiles, elegance married to an ounce of madness, the spontaneity of children, and of course the love that unites you… These are all things that make us vibrate and give us energy to cover reports with passion, from the delicacy of the preparations, to the sweetness of the night.

    Photographer and videographer in Provence but also worldwide ! See our dedicated pages for those places !

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