Elegant, lively, and spontaneous photos

Refined and natural wedding photos

Do you have difficulty finding a French wedding photographer in Lyon with a style that is both elegant and light, but also lively and spontaneous?

I have the solution for you

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Imagine that from the first meeting, you felt good with your photographer.

Imagine photos being taken naturally on your wedding day, without having to stage.

Imagine that at the end you really have the photos you wanted:

Photos that are both elegant and lively, captured with a French vision, for your wedding in Lyon !

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Future bride and groom? Let's get acquainted!

When I was little, I loved looking at my parents’ wedding photographs in Lyon. Those taken on the spot were really my preference, and there were so many missing! What a pity for my parents and for me. No moment with the family, no moment with their friends had been immortalized.

From these long moments of leafing through albums came my somewhat romantic side. Doing wedding photography was therefore an evidence for me.

From the beginning, my goal has been to do really complete reports so that as many memories as possible remain!

When I watched my first newlyweds wipe away a tear when they discovered their wedding photos, I knew that was what I was made for: to make you live again your great moments of love.

With my benevolence and my empathy, I will be able to photograph the moments that will really touch you, lively moments!

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Wedding photography: capturing all the beautiful emotions in life

Some wrong ideas on my wedding photography !

01. "Elegant wedding photos are necessarily very STAGED and not on the spot"

If I became a wedding photographer, it is precisely to allow you to keep memories alive. I will take candid photos throughout the day of your wedding! I especially love capturing the moment of the cocktail party when your guests relax, get together, laugh.


I will ask you questions to help you define the photos that are important to you. We will define the schedule together (or with your wedding planner) to have time to take all the important shots for you. On your wedding day, you won’t even have to think about it, I’ll take care of everything!

03. "I can't be natural if I have a photographer following me all day"

Wrong! Thanks to the appointments that we will have made before your wedding, we will have got to know each other. I will be one of your guests on your wedding day! By being present with you from the getting ready part, you will gradually become more comfortable with my cameras. When the ceremony arrives, you will have forgotten me!

Wedding photos that truly represent you

During your wedding near Lyon, you will hardly notice me.
When your couple session arrives, you will not feel like you are staging but just having fun and having a great time together.

The photos you will receive

Following your wedding, you will receive elegant, lively photos that truly represent you. You will say to yourself: “it’s really us in this photo, our love can be seen!”.


emotional moments in your photos

You will find strong moments in your photos that will fill you with emotions and memories. Here is for example what you could find on your photos:

  • your dad all moved when he kisses you,
  • the look of your other half during the couple session,
  • your grandfather swaying on the dance floor!

Moments you haven't experienced

You will also discover through your photos moments that you have not experienced, such as:

  • your granny playing a joke on your cousins,
  • your mother and your mother-in-law in tears in each other’s arms,
  • or a friend laughing out loud with your aunt!
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Would you like it ?

My secret to make photos you'll love !


I'm getting to know you

To take the photos that will please you and truly represent to you, we will take the time to get to know each other. This is essential so that I can meet your expectations and so that you can trust me when the day comes!

I will lead you to think about your desires and the photos you would like, so as not to forget any.

I will ask you all the things that will be important for successful photos: the list of group photos, important people for example.

On your wedding day, you won’t have to worry about anything!


Your wedding day

I will promote your relaxation through small games during the couple session, by moving away from your guests so that you are more comfortable.

I will offer you other little games for elegant and lively group photos! And throughout your wedding, I will take pictures of you mainly on the spot in order to obtain beautiful candid shots.


One month after your wedding

You will close the curtains and light a few candles for a timeless moment: the first viewing of your wedding photos.

Before you continue reading...

If the bright photos you have seen on this page do not suit you and you do not have time to discuss your wedding and your desires, I am probably not the right photographer for you!

If, on the other hand, when you arrive here you have loved everything you have seen and read, then there is a good chance that I am exactly the right wedding photographer for you!


Can you come here?

For your weddings, I’m coming where you are! I live in Lyon, France, but I love to travel. So far, the furthest wedding I’ve covered was on the island of Santorini, Greece.

When and how will we receive our photos?

You will receive your photos one month maximum after your wedding, in a secure online gallery that you can share with your guests.

Will we have an album of our wedding photos?

Only if you choose! Albums are optional, you can choose them when you sign the contract, but also after your wedding.

How many photos will we receive?

For a full day, you will receive a minimum of 550 photos. I have a more qualitative than quantitative approach!

Until what time do you stay for our photos?

Usually I stay twenty minutes after your opening dance. That’s enough to capture images of your guests dancing with you!

What other options are available?

You can add to the photographic coverage of your wedding day an engagement session (before your wedding), a Day After session (after your wedding), the photographic coverage of the farewell brunch the next day, the welcome diner, or even if you haven’t proposed yet, I am also proposal photographer!

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