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Yes you are on the page of a happy to be active wedding videographer.

Between us, don’t you feel that…

  • all wedding videos are the same?
  • there is a general lack of dynamism?
  • wedding videos are missing a bit of storytelling?

Do you want more than shots following each other for your wedding video?

I have the solution for you

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Imagine your wedding video being like no other.

Imagine that its rhythm carries you away.

Imagine that it tells the story of your couple, in a truly personalized way…

Imagine that it still moves you very much every time you watch it back.

Imagine that you are not bored for a single second while watching it!

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How am I different ?

I will tell you why today I can offer you wedding videos that are different from the others!

A few years ago we were a wedding photographer duo in Lyon with Maryem and we watched the wedding videos of our newlyweds.

The observation is there, none managed to convince me and I was not emotionally moved!

When launching a video, I knew in advance how it would go, the style of the music, all edited with a slow rhythm.

I was a spectator of a moment in the life of a couple without being given the opportunity to learn more about them, about the context.

I didn’t want to offer something to our newlyweds without having the deep conviction that the memory created would be essential for them and their loved ones.

The change

Until the day I came across THE video that changed everything! I was moved by the story of the newlyweds, all enhanced by very beautiful shots and a rhythm that carried me away!

I then said to myself: “Why not give it a try?”. For me, who loves giving myself challenges, this one was very appealing!

Luckily, the author of this video, an internationally recognized videographer, also lived in Lyon, France. I immediately invested in training with him, I was now ready to offer wedding videos to our newlyweds!

Since then I am happy to make unique videos thanks to his advice and the experience I have obtained over the seasons.

The wedding video: telling all the beautiful emotions of life

Some wrong ideas about my wedding videos !

01. "A wedding video is made up of slow motion shots and is chronological"

As you will have understood, slowed down shots are not my thing. They break the rhythm, and so that’s exactly what I hate ! To get this rhythm I want, I’m going to “reorganize” your day: why not put some evening shots at the beginning of your video?
It is much more intriguing and impactful to retrace your big day in a different way!

02. “There will only be wedding shots in my wedding video "

Not necessarily ! Imagine a few shots from a couple session outside the wedding to give rhythm and suspense to your video. This couple session can take place during a walk by the lake for example, or even the day before your wedding, in the surroundings of the venue you have chosen.

03. "3 minutes is too short!"

It’s all about rhythm! 3 intense minutes are better than 15 slow minutes. It’s an ideal length to share it with friends and make you want to immerse yourself in the images of your wedding.
You can always take a second longer video, around 15 minutes.

Your wedding video will truly represent you

What is your main reason for wanting to see one film again and not another? Its history.

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Imagine yourself in front of your wedding video

sometimes the tear in the eye,

sometimes laughing out loud,

without any plan that is out of place,

without any slowness

the video really looks like you

the video captured who you are

… and each time, at the end, you watch it again!

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my secret for a successful wedding video


I chat with you

To make THE wedding film that will particularly move you, we will take the time to get to know each other, to discover each other. During these exchanges I will identify what will make you vibrate and what will make you love your video!


Cinematography and storytelling

I will use cinema codes so that your video is attractive, not boring, and that you enjoy watching it all your life.
The storytelling of your video will be worked on to tell a part of your story or the story of your wedding.

The editing will be designed to be exactly the right length, neither too long nor too short, with a taste for coming back to it at the end!


Quality sound

I will work on the sound because your video must not only have beautiful images but also beautiful sound!

I edit your videos on music whose genre you like and which correspond to the atmosphere felt during your wedding. I can spend hours until I find the right music for your movie!

Then comes the essentials for narration: bits of speech and exchanges precisely chosen to tell your day and your story.

Before you continue reading...

Coming this far, you have understood that if you are not ready to give me a bit of yourself, I will not be able to make the video that will please you. If you don’t want to give me some time, you know I’m not the right videographer for you.

If, on the other hand, when you get here you have loved everything you have seen and read, then there is a good chance that I am exactly the right videographer for you!


Can you come here ?

I live in Lyon, in France, but for your weddings if you like my French touch, I come to where you are! So far, the furthest wedding we’ve covered with Instant Shooting’s wedding photographer, Maryem, was on the island of Santorini, Greece.

Can we choose the music for our video?

No, the first reason is related to copyright. The second is that I don’t want you to already have memories or an attachment to music. It is important to create a unique feeling between the music and the memory it will allow you to keep. On the other hand, I will ask you to give me the musical styles that you like!

Can we have the recording of the whole ceremony?

Yes, that’s an option I offer. The complete recording of your ceremony will be done with two cameras to punctuate the video, and with several microphones for more security.

When and how will we receive our video?

You will receive your video a maximum of one month after your wedding, via an online link on a secure page that you can share with your guests.

I love your videos, but I would also like a longer video to see more shots of my wedding.

This is an option that I do offer, this montage will be chronologically edited with music of your choice. To punctuate this video, I will sometimes add interviews with some of your relatives during the cocktail party!

How late are you staying to film our wedding?

Usually I stay twenty minutes after your opening dance. This is enough to capture images of your guests dancing with you, and add dynamism to your video!

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